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NHL 21 wishlist?

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  • NHL 21 wishlist?

    NHL 21 wishlist I want is expansion mode?please give me your ideas about NHL 21 wishlist?

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    The last two already had expansion draft? I don't have too much for suggestions, I thought NHL 20 was the best game they've done in years. But since it's a wishlist, I would love to see NCAA players and World Junior rosters/tournament mode.


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      I've had NHL 20 since Christmas and still haven't made the time to spin it up. Really need to get to it!!


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        I wish for a hardest shot challenge?


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          Finally started getting into NHL 20. Kevin, you play on XBox or PS4?

          So far, one thing that seems missing is a way to see all your players who need contracts in HUT. The only way I can seem to pull it off is to use L3 to autofill, set it to include all, then use the touchpad to automatically apply contracts. It would be nice to have roster overview in HUT for reasons like this.. NHL 20 is my first Chel title on current gen and I'm shocked it isn't available.


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            Oh I just saw this post. I play on PS4. I haven't had a console of my own in a few years now, would just always play with friends. But since I moved I don't know anyone who plays, so I'm thinking I might buy a PS4 on kijiji or some shit once the PS5 comes out and people are looking to unload them for cheap. Hardly seems worth it since Chel is the only video game I really play, but I was thinking maybe I'll try FIFA too, I used to get pretty into those games when I was younger.


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              Yeah I was a big fan of the old school soccer games too. Chel was my main sports jam though, of course.