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    So there is something I wanted to get off my chest...

    There is something that I've noticed. Five plus years ago (I don't remember exactly how many), Montreal had the most amount of roster'ed Russians in the league. I remember that being a big thing. Lots of people in the media kept calling back on that, and the negative stereotype of Russians being lazy players.

    Montreal today has the most Canadians signed to their roster in the league.

    Fans have been hearing for years that not many players want to sign in Montreal for whatever reason. Whether it being due to language, tax related or bad weather... Regardless Montreal has signed two key forwards in the 'off season'. Taffoli and Anderson. (Both Canadian)

    Gallagher was signed for 6+ for 6 years. I have a feeling that he was signed for a reason, other than giving Bergevin a good stiffy... My interpretation is that Gallagher along with Weber and Price (who have already long term deals in MTL), helped bring talent to the team.

    I am happy to be a Montreal fan right now and want to see a real Montreal/Toronto rivalry in my life time... As long as we win. ;)

    True off my chest, let me know if I am imagining things or if the Allen deal is a bad one, I love hearing Montreal fans opinions because they are always fun to listen to. Also you can tell what someone thinks based on how loud they echo the media. I don't mean to sound pretentious, I want to see the team do well, but its all in good sport, I'd like to see a Canadian team win. I like hockey and I want to see Canada win a cup.

    Go Habs Go!

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    Boooo! No Habs No!

    Haha that's pretty cool though. Good for them. All under the same management group though eh?


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      I don't think the Allen deal is a bad one. Which part of it - the trade or the extension? It's a third round pick for a backup goalie who could probably still be a starter for the remaining term, and the extension is 2 years @ $2.875M. What's not to like? The Anderson and Gallagher deals seem a little high and long.