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NHL Top ten goalies

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  • NHL Top ten goalies

    1. Henrik Lundqvist - As great as Price has been, you've got to go with the body of work. Lundqvist has been consistenly the best or top three goalies in the world for almost a decade.
    2. Carey Price - Tough choice between him and Rask for second spot. Price has been sensational with a weak defense for years, and now he got a chance to show how great he can be with great players in front of him.
    3. Tuukka Rask - Even though this is technically going to be his first full season, he's been in the NHL for years now, and has played a lot. Has always been fantastic with a good defense in front of him but this season with Seidenberg out and Chara past his prime and playing the worst hockey of his career, Rask is showing - or rather reminding of what he showed in the WJCs - that he can make a just ok defense look really good.
    4. Pekka Rinne - Remember him?
    5. Cory Schneider - USA picked the wrong goalies. Long the best backup in the NHL, he's showing everyone this year that Luongo didn't lose the job in Vancouver for poor play, he lost it because Schneider is one of the very best in the world. Don't believe me? Look at his stats this year compared to Brodeur's.
    6. Ryan Miller - People tend to forget about how good he is amidst the trade rumors and because he plays for such a bad team. But he's still there, keeping them in almost every game.
    7. Jonathan Quick - A little over-rated due to the excellent defense-core and defensive structured team in front of him, but still among the best in the world.
    8. Roberto Luongo - Two gold medals and a Stanley Cup Final appearance are hard to argue with. Sure future Hall of Famer and still one of the best in the game today.
    9. Kari Lehtonen - Could he get his first chance in his career to play for a playoff team? I think Dallas will be a contender within a couple years. Will be interesting to see what he can do with it.
    10. Marc-Andre Fleury - GAA under 2.5 each of the last four seasons. Two Stanley Cup Finals appearances and one win. As bad as he's been in the playoffs in recent years, he has 280 career wins, and leads the league again this year.


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    Re: NHL Top ten goalies

    Quick is at times under-rated because of how terrible LA are offensively. Higher than Rinne and Miller imo.

    Rinne also plays (played) behind a defensive structure and hasn't stood out at any point.


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      Re: NHL Top ten goalies

      Quick is a clutch goalie.

      1) Price
      2) Price
      3) Kayla Price
      4) Price
      5) Price
      6) Price
      7) Kayla Price
      8) Price
      9) Price
      10) Kayla Price


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        Re: NHL Top ten goalies

        The goalie almost no one pays attention to is Kari Lehtonen. I'm glad he's on your top ten, totally agree.


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          Re: NHL Top ten goalies

          My cousin is on eliteprospects. He is top 10 too.