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  • Sens skills contest

    With the latest edition of Sens Skills in the books, a new era of champions and record holders was crowned at Canadian Tire Centre. Here's what some of those winners had to say...

    Mika Zibanejad took home the hardest shot honours and set the franchise record with a blast of 106 MPH, breaking the previous mark held by Mike Fisher (105.1 MPH - 2008). Here's what he had to say...

    On the hardest shot:

    I didn't know what range I was because I've never done this before... It was fun, I've never come across anything like this... Whatever I did today I'll have to do for the next game I guess... I kind of surprised myself and for sure didn't expect this.

    On being a record holder:

    It feels very good, I didn't know that I was but it feels very good... It's up there for sure, like I said, I didn't expect this at all. I was joking around that hopefully I'd get over 80. I didn't know what to expect, I had never done this before so it was hard for me to know where I was at but it feels very good right now.

    Milan Michalek won the fastest skater award. Here's what he had to say about upsetting record holder Colin Greening and AHL champion Mike Hoffman...

    On beating Greening:

    I didn't beat his (record) time but it feels good. I didn't think I had any chance in this, there are some fast guys like Hoff and Clarke.

    On winning the fastest skater after multiple knee injuries:

    I still have to skate in the game, this doesn't really matter, but it feels good to know that I'm still fast and hopefully I can do it in games too.

    Jason Spezza captained the winning Heritage Classic jersey team on Wednesday night in his debut as a Sens Skills captain. Here's what he had to say about taking a win in his first run as a captain...

    On taking the win:

    It's definitely a good win, the guys performed really well and we had a good time. The kids were good too.

    On Mika's hardest shot record:

    That was impressive, 106, that's another level. I don't have that one in me. That was good, I don't know if it's the hardest we've ever had here but it's pretty impressive. Then he shot 104.5, those are big shots.

    On the night as fun for the kids with them:

    You can tell the kids are having fun out there and you try to encourage them and have fun and just relax. Then to see the kids in the crowd, it's a good opportunity for some people to come to the rink and see the players.

    On the most impressive moment:

    Hoff was pretty impressive, he did a lot of good things. Mika's shot though probably takes it though, that was impressive.

    On one of the kids succeeding on "The Daugavins" shootout move:

    He told me he was going to do it so he was very confident in himself, it was quite the move.

    On Jared Cowen hitting 110 with an illegal puck:

    Oh, I was happy for him, I thought it was legit. I didn't know it was a fake puck, I don't know if anybody did at first so I don't know, I was pretty excited for him but I guess womp womp womp.

    On if the 300-level accuracy shot will stay:

    I don't know, you'll have to talk to the organizers. We lost it so no.

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    Re: Sens skills contest

    Here are some pictures from yesterday: ... hotos&pg=1


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      Re: Sens skills contest

      I never would have guessed that Fisher recorded a harder shot than Chara. The more you know!