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Better trio: Selke vs. Hart Trophy finalists

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  • Better trio: Selke vs. Hart Trophy finalists

    I stole this idea from HFBoards. Basically, pick your trio:

    Hart finalists: Crosby, Getzlaf, Giroux

    Selke finalists: Bergeron, Kopitar, Toews
    Hart finalists
    Selke finalists

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    Re: Better trio: Selke vs. Hart Trophy finalists

    My vote goes to the Hart finalists.


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      Re: Better trio: Selke vs. Hart Trophy finalists

      I agree, the Hart, and by a decent-sized margin.

      Crosby >>> Bergeron
      Getzlaf > Kopitar
      Giroux = Toews

      Crosby over Bergeron by a lot because, as much as I love Bergeron, Crosby is the best player in the world. He's a lock for 100 points barring injury - the only forward in the league who can be considered a lock for that.

      Getzlaf over Kopitar by a bit. These are two very different players, but similar in a way. Getzlaf is the better goal-scorer, but he needs to learn to use his shot more. I believe Getzlaf has better vision, while Kopitar is the more creative offensive player. Defensively, there's a small edge to Kopitar, while Getzlaf wins in hitting, grit, and getting to the dirty areas.

      Giroux = Toews. This was a little trickier. Toews is a proven winner on multiple occasions, but one could argue that's much more of a team achievement as he's played on some amazing teams from 2010 onwards. I believe Giroux is a better offensive player with better vision and hands, but Toews is better defensively. Both seem to step up their games in the playoffs. I believe Toews the gap between them defensively is bigger than the gap between them offensively, but also scoring is more important for a forward than defensive play.

      I also believe Crosby will win the Hart and Bergeron will win the Selke.