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Game 6? 14? Leafs @ Sens

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  • Game 6? 14? Leafs @ Sens

    Offense was ample but Karlsson and Lehner were meh. Sens let their nerves get the best of them and gave up an embarrassing shorty (the PP started off strong but went all pooey). Bobby looked okay despite what everyone is saying about his bum wrist. I think Chiasson is the guy we're really missing.

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    Re: Game 6? 14? Leafs @ Sens

    Agree that Chiasson is being missed, even just in terms of depth let alone what he brings on the ice. Very happy with Cowen's recent turnaround but just when you think it's all sorted Gryba has a poor game.

    In a game where Turris and MacArthur were also pretty quiet on their line I thought the hatchet job on Ryan last night was unjustified. I still think he belongs on line 1 - the 3 of them complement each other well, whereas on line 2 he is neither quick enough for Zib or creative enough to drive the line's chances when Zib is off.


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      Re: Game 6? 14? Leafs @ Sens

      As I said in the other thread, I didn't even know this game was happening. I thought I read about the re-scheduling when it happened but I must have completely forgot it was last night.

      I'm hearing a lot of complaints are coming from families who had their kids in the 300 level, as a "Fuck you Kessel" chant started up there. Also, apparently, a "Fuck you Brennan" chant was going for a bit. Interesting.

      Edit: Apparently it's section 319. There's actually a write-up about the section in the New York Times ( ... .html?_r=0). I wrote about them before but they only do 10 Sens games a year, and I guess last night was one of them. Pretty cool. Apparently all night they were chanting the above ones, "This is our house", "When the Sens go marching in", among more. They're basically trying to emulate a European-hockey feel in that section.