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  • Teams value - Forbes list

    According to the list shared this morning, The Montreal Canadiens'value went up 29% since last year. They still rank 3rd in the NHL, behind The Maple Leafs ($1.3 Billions - +13% from last year) and the Rangers, worth $1.1B (up 29% in one year). Chicago ($825M) and Vancouver ($800M) complete the top 5 organisations on the list.

    Sens rank in at 16 - worth $400M.

    The least profitable team is the Florida Panthers, worth $190M. The team recorded a $15M difficit for 2013-14. ... e-leafs-8/

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    Re: Teams value - Forbes list

    Thanks for posting this. I wonder how value is determined in this list.. there are teams with higher revenue and operating incomes, but with lower value.


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      Re: Teams value - Forbes list

      I tried looking it up on their site but nowhere does it explain what they take into account to produce the list. I'll try to see if I can find info related to this elsewhere cause I'm curious also.