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Vollman Chart -based predictions.

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  • Vollman Chart -based predictions.

    Ok, so I've discussed Vollman Usage Charts a little bit before. Personally, I wasn't a particularly big fan of corsI as a stat until I discovered Vollman Charts. Corsi alone provides so little context as to be next to useless. Team-relative adjustments help a little, but only to clear up one of a plethora of glitches in this stat's usefulness. Vollman Charts clear up a few more of those major glitches.

    Vollman Charts graph percentage of offensive zone starts vs. quality of competition vs. corsi. The result is a bit of context to corsi. Does a player have strong corsi but starts most shifts in the offensive zone against the other team's fourth line? Does a player with poor corsi always start in the defensive zone against the other team's top line?

    So last summer I went over the whole league worth of Vollman Charts, and found a few young players with very strong Vollman numbers (few offensive zone starts, high quality of competition, but still strong corsi), and based on that was able to correctly predict breakout years from Ryan Johanson, Jaden Schwartz, Brandon Saad, Nick Bjugstad and Brock Nelson.

    Of course there is still at least a quarter of this season left, but based just on this one metric, the top two players to watch for major breakouts either down the stretch or next season are Mark Scheifele and Dougie Hamilton. And to varying lesser degrees, Charlie Coyle, Nino Niederreiter, Jakob Silfverberg, Reilly Smith and John Klingberg.

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    Re: Vollman Chart -based predictions.

    Take that to HF-advanced stats-boards which uses corsi as the be all end all lately.


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      Re: Vollman Chart -based predictions.

      Rob Vollman is definitely a great hockey mind, and these charts are a bit of a hidden gem. Matches you were right with your predictions and I like the ones you have going into next year. Kinda hope it's wrong about Silfverberg though, lol, though Ryan has been one of our (if not the) most complete players.