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Ribeiro sued by ex Nanny

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  • Ribeiro sued by ex Nanny

    As first reported by Wednesday, Nashville Predators center Mike Ribeiro is being sued for more than $1 million in damages by a nanny he and his wife employed in Texas for an alleged sexual assault and for threats made against her in 2012.

    Full details of the lawsuit were not immediately released, but Larry Fredman, the attorney for the woman behind the lawsuit, told The Associated Press Thursday she’d been sexually assaulted by Ribeiro shortly after graduating from high school and when Ribeiro had been playing for the Dallas Stars. The young woman said she didn’t alert the authorities because she was “terrified”. And Ribeiro’s wife, Tamara, is alleged in the suit to have “made inappropriate comments and/or threats” to her. ... mer-nanny/

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    Re: Ribeiro sued by ex Nanny

    Wow, who knew Ribeiro could get even Douchier? Shame on him. The NHL should suspend him if the allegations are proven true..


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      Re: Ribeiro sued by ex Nanny

      If its proven true, they'll be a lot more than a suspension in the equation..