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  • 100th Anniversary

    Either in 2016-17 or 2017-18, the NHL will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Here are some of the best ideas I've come across so far:

    Well it would be a good idea Toronto to make sure that all teams Toronto are represented in this celebration Toronto because the game is not only Toronto spread out across Toronto North America Toronto but it's becoming a world Toronto game that everyone is Toronto playing. Now I know Toronto that some teams Toronto may get special treatment Toronto but it should be noted Toronto that the focus should be on Toronto other markets that may not Toronto get all the media attention Toronto that the bigger markets Toronto get.
    Outdoor game with Chicago and Pittsburgh.
    They should have every NHL team participate in an outdoor game at the same time.
    100 outdoor games.
    All outdoor games with one indoor winter classic on January 1st.
    Outdoor game on the moon.
    Play the entire season in Russia.
    Nothing and ignore anything that happened before the 06 lockout.
    Have a commemorative patch that changes ever so slightly every game into the logo of Honda/McDonalds/Bell/Molson/whatever so that fans don't notice.
    Broadcast all games through morse code.
    Add a 2 goal arc line (think of the 3 point line in basketball).
    Ban helmets, curved stick blades, and forward passes.
    Screw throwbacks. Throwforwards! Rocket/hover skates, shiny metallic jerseys, games decided by speedskating contests, losing teams have to kill off one of their players.
    The All-Star game should start like normal - but during play, during random changes, instead of their All-Star teammate coming in for them, random HOF'ers and fan favorites bust out of the tunnel and through the door onto the ice all game.
    Like, during play, everything is normal - then... "Wait - is that - BAH GAWD THATS MIKE MODANO'S MUSIC!"
    Indonesian expansion team.
    Release a second puck for overtime.
    Any other great ideas?

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    Re: 100th Anniversary

    Release a 2nd puck for OT


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      Re: 100th Anniversary

      NHL devotes all of its resources to a full-scale re-enactment of the latter half of WWI.


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        Re: 100th Anniversary

        Maybe they'll GET RID OF THE TRAPEZOID.