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Sens and Bruins last games

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  • Sens and Bruins last games

    After last night's game, I went to look up the calendar for both team's remaining games. This is how it looks:

    Sens have 12 games left - 7 home games and 5 on the road. They actually end on the road in Phillie.

    21- Vs Leafs
    23- Vs Sharks (should be a fun game to watch)
    26- Vs NYR
    28- @ Leafs
    29- Vs Cats
    31- @ Wings

    2- Vs Bolts
    4- Vs Caps
    5- @ Leafs
    7- Vs Pens
    9- @ NYR
    11- @ Flyers

    Bruins have 11 games left - 4 home games and 7 on the road.

    21- @ Cats
    22- @ Bolts
    26- Vs Ducks
    28- Vs NYR
    29- @ Canes
    31- Vs Cats

    2- @ Wings
    4- Vs Leafs
    8- @ Caps
    9- @ Cats
    11- @ Bolts

    Should be a very interesting race to the end.

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    Re: Sens and Bruins last games

    Looking at this side by side and I noticed that on 4 occasions, the team facing the Sens will play the Bruins in their next game. And only once will the Sens face a team that played the Bruins the night before - Leafs on April 4-5.


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      Re: Sens and Bruins last games

      Tough 4 game stretch up next. Sharks and Rangers sandwiched in between 2 Leafs games. Can't afford to take the Leafs lightly given our recent history in Saturday night games. Rangers are 2nd best in the East (with 3 games in hand on Montreal) for a reason, and the Sharks are no slouches either.


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        Re: Sens and Bruins last games

        Agreed, not a light schedule by any means. Every game is do or die.


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          Re: Sens and Bruins last games

          There's really no absolute way to predict what record the Sens will need to make the playoffs (well...12-0 will get them in). With that being said, historically speaking, 8-4 should be good enough to get in.

          The Sens will need to approach every game with a must-win attitude like they have been doing. If they do that, I see no reason why they can't go 8-4.

          Just doing simple math here, after the Carolina game where we lost 6-3, we would have had to go 21-5-1 to have a shot. Imagine that. 5-21-1 seemed far more likely